Imagine Overdrive: by South Wave Audio Corp.


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The Imagine Overdrive is a pedal offering a great transparent overdrive tone. Transparent meaning that the pedal does not alter the feel or tone of your amp. About 3.5 years of intense lab research and live on-stage testing went into the design of this pedal. Elusive overdrive tones not usually heard in other guitar pedals are found easily on the Imagine DD.1. Click on the video link above to hear a demonstration of the pedal.

Imagine an overdrive pedal without the usual limitations, well, now you don't have to. We could go on and on and use words to exaggerate the pedal, but try it yourself and you'll know what we mean!

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"B" Stock now available for $165.00!

These are brand new units with slight cosmetic defects. Price drastically reduced. These were never used and not refurbished. They carry the same warranty as brand new units. Free ac adaptor (while supplies last) and free shipping. We consider these “ B STOCK”. $165.00 EACH. Limited quantities. Same return policy as the new ones. If you decide to return it, we would like it to remain “B stock” not C stock.

Limited time: Free shipping to the continential United States and a free A/C Adaptor!

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Control Your Sound

Control Panel

You will find tone controls (bass & treble) that are more specifically voiced to complement the guitar. A cut control allows you to custom tune the pedal to match your amp. The gain control has fine resolution in the first half of the knobs rotation allowing you to get soft clipping that has to be heard to be believed.

Within this pedal the harmonic structure of you guitar does not change, your pickups retain their dynamics and touch sensitivity is preserved. If you paint textures with your guitar's volume knob, you will intantly enjoy how the the gain cleans up when rolled down, and with the knob wide open, your harmonics and sustain are natural and focused, in a word SWEET...If you crave some more muscle, go ahead and turn the level control up and the gain control down for a front end gain booster with enough amplitude to push your favorite amp into submission and then some.

Built tough.

Foot Guard

A thick,heavy custom made Steel Chassis and our exclusive Knob Rollbars protect all electronics and functions for long lasting real world (on the road) reliability. Weighing in at about 2 lbs, the Imagine Overdrive is built to last.

Intelligently Designed

Battery door

Ergonomically styled chassis with top panel jacks, a heavy duty foot switch and side battery holder insure hassle free set up performance and maintenance. No more loose wire or faulty connectors- just place the 9-volt battery in the holder and slide it in. Whether using a battery or an AC adaptor, the audio quality does not change.

A triple position power switch allows the user to select battery power, or AC adaptor, or can be used to turn the pedal off. There is no need to remove the plug or battery to turn the unit off. The pedal is very energy efficient, with normal real world usage, one 9 volt battery goes a long way. The unit does not need an expensive "regulated" AC adaptor. You can use any cheap unregulated 9 to 12 volt AC adaptor with the proper connector. The connector must be center positive.

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For a limited time free shipping to the continental United States and a free A/C Adaptor (while supplies last). Click here.