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Analog War Cry - "An Absolute Work of Art"

I say they named it the Imagine Overdrive as in "Imagine any tone you want and it will come true." I put this pedal up against every type of amp I could get my hands on, every type of pickup, and ran it through a ton of other effects. Not once did this pedal show any weaknesses or spill any sour tones. It was like playing through a multi sweet-spot dirt box. A Twin Reverb, neck bucker Tele, and clean booster were the first to take the Imagine OD for a ride. I dialed in the most sparkling clean tone possible, jabbed it with a hint of verb, and topped it off wit plenty of lows and mids. I matched the Imagine Overdrive's level to the amp's, set the Bass and Treble at noon, Cut at around 11'o'clock, and Gain just hint passed 1'o'clock. An instant classic Stones/Kieth Richards sound came crying from my amp. The overdrive was mellow'n'smooth but gritty enough to still rip into a killer rock'n'roll sound. I felt the combination of the amp, guitar, and pedal smack me dead center in the gut. Ooooohmmf! And damn did it feel good. I strummed lightly then harder, and brushing my palm against the strings to get dynamics and character. Harmonic richness and big fat undertones bounced everywhere creating pure, uncut overdrive heaven.

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Doug Doppler

I finally got a chance to plug this thing in, started with a Strat into a '68 Pro Reverb on loan from a friend. The Pro is a bit strident, but the DD-1 did a great job of taming it down and it immediately went into JMH/SRV land with ease. For any of you Lincoln Brewster fans out there this might be a winner for that. As I was getting ready to track that clip I snapped a string and reached for a Gretsch and the linked clip is what came out with the addition of a Boss DR-5 digital reverb. I'll add that I don't normally stack a reverb pedal on top of the amp's reverb but I did here and really liked the result. I'll post the other clip tomorrow. For that open P+Worship sound, this is one of the best pedals I've come across and it's pretty much unknown, to date...


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